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  • Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Thank you very much for your attention and support!

    Beijing JA-SKY Building Material Co. Ltd was established in 1992.
    With long-term passion, entrepreneurship and strong technical development, JA-SKY is creating a world-famous building materials brand, forming strong corporate culture and valuable spiritual character. The development of JA-SKY cannot occur without strong support for and relationships with various communities. Here,I represent all the staff with the most sincere gratitude to all people concerned andthose who have supported JA-SKY's development.

    Looking to the future we will continue to follow the spirit of "Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation, Charity”. We will continue to be professional and more persistent than ever before, forging the way to the highest level in the field. With the thought of sustainable development, together we will create a brilliant future!

    We sincerely hope our friends all over the world, together with us, strive to make progress, seek achievement and create a glorious world!
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  •        Fiber cement board
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